Speak Up Together Advocacy Hub

Speak Up Together Advocacy Hub


As of 1st December 2016, Warrington Speak Up are working in partnership with Together for Mental Wellbeing to deliver advocacy services within the logo1‘Speak Up Together Advocacy Hub’.

This means the Warrington Speak Up website is undergoing some changes so please bear with us.

Advocacy provision within the Hub will include:

  • Care Act Advocacy
  • Parent Advocacy (Child protection and family care proceedings)
  • Preventative Issue based Advocacy (Non-statutory generic)
  • Group Advocacy and service user engagement projects
  • IMCA  (Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy)
  • DoLS s39A, s39C, s39D
  • Paid RPR (Relevant Persons Representative)
  • IMHA (Independent Mental Health Advocacy)

Please call 01295 246 888 for further information.

All advocacy referrals are to be sent to referral@speakuptogether.org.uk

All advocacy enquires to info@speakuptogether.org.uk  .

Thank you for your co-operation with this.