Easy Read Project


Easy Read Project


We are committed to ensuring that advocacy is accessible to all. We have good links with the local sensory team and language line service and are able to access interpreters to support in the delivery of advocacy.

Easy read information is specifically designed for people with a learning disability who like clearly written words and pictures to help them understand.

We think easy read information is very important. It helps people to have their say, understand their rights, make good decisions and get the services and support they need.

We use photographs, photo symbols, drawings and easy words.

We also like to use videos to share people’s stories.

We work hard to make sure the information is right and check everything we write with people who need easy read information.

Click here for an example of good practice ‘Cheshire Constabulary Equality Objectives’.

Click here for our Top Tips on producing easy read information

Click here for an example of how we can make even very busy and important meetings easy read.

For more information contact Mandy Taviner on
01925 248 742

We would like to acknowledge the work of Photosymbols.