Safe Places

Safe Places

Safe Places is a practical way of helping vulnerable people enjoy their communities and access the town knowing that support is available if they feel worried, threatened, intimidated or bullied.

Warrington Safe Places is part of a national network

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How does Safe Places work?

A vulnerable person carries a Safe Places card with their name, emergency contact details and relevant health information.

Safe Places cards are available from Warrington Speak Up. Individuals complete an application form and a record is kept of their details for reference. Cards are then completed with the individuals personal information and contact details of people who are known to the card holder.

Public premises such as shops, cafes, pubs, libraries and other places of interest register as a safe place. They display a Safe Places sticker in the window and ensure that staff are aware of how to offer appropriate support.

If a vulnerable person needs help when they are out they can show their card to a member of staff in a business displaying the Safe Places sticker. Someone will then call their emergency contact or the police, depending on what the problem is.

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For more information contact Pip Horne
on 01925 248 472.