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Easy Read information and instructions on how to use social media safely

Staying Safe on Social Media and Online
Facebook Instructions
Facebook info sheet
WhatsApp instructions
WhatsApp info sheet
Easy Read Zoom Instructions
Easy Read Zoom Information Sheet
Easy Read Skype Instructions
Easy Read Skype Information Sheet


Other Self Help Resources

Warrington Speak Up is committed to supporting people to advocate for themselves.

Promoting self-advocacy is a fundamental principle of effective advocacy support.

Advocates will support you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to confidently express your views and wishes, stand up for your rights and be your own advocate.

Some people like to join self-advocacy groups so that they can learn and practice their self-advocacy skills together with other self-advocates.

You can find more information on our Group and Project tabs.

We have also produced some self-help resources. You can use these yourself or with the help of a family member, friend or advocate.

Click on the links below to download any of the self-help resources.

General self-help resources

WSU Contact DiaryAdvocacy-Self
WSU Professionals Who Work with Me
WSU Planning for a Meeting
WSU Top Tips for Meetings
WSU Assertiveness Tips
WSU How to Reach an Agreement
WSU Helpful Contacts List

Easy read self-help resources

WSU Easy Read Contact Diary
WSU Easy Read Helpful Contacts List
WSU Easy Read How to get your voice heard
WSU Easy Read Planning for a Meeting
WSU Easy Read Ideas for a good meeting
WSU Easy Read Ideas to help you get a good response
WSUP My To Do List
WSU Easy Read Professionals Who Work with Me

Mental Health Act self help resources

WSU Mental Health Act words explained part 1
WSU Mental Health Act words explained part 2
WSU Patient Information My Rights
WSU Ward Round Submission Form Easy Read
WSU My Rights Section 2 MHA WSU My Rights Section 3 MHA
WSU What is Independent Mental Health Advocacy
WSU Mental Health Tribunal explained
WSU Ward Round Submission Form