Lynne Bennett (Chairperson)Lynne Bennett

Before joining the 3rd sector in 2007 I had 20 years’ experience in the licensed trade. I now specialise in providing assistance, advice and guidance to the local community. Involvement at strategic level within the 3rd sector enables me to have a sense of the bigger picture. I am highly driven, working hard to get a job done and achieve change. I’m passionate about connecting with people in ways that are real and meaningful. But I do enjoy life in the process!
Anna O'Mahony Anna O'Mahony

I've been a friend of Warrington Speak Up since 2004 and a Trustee since 2006. I have worked in the voluntary sector since 1998 and I am Chief Executive of Hollybank Trust, a charity supporting children and adults with complex physical and learning disabilities. I bring strong communication skills and experience of working for a number of charities to my role as a trustee. I am very proud to be a part of Warrington Speak Up and the diverse work it is involved in.
Stef Woof Stef Woof

I joined the Speak Up Board at the end of 2018, but I've known and worked with the team for almost 5 years prior to that! I also work for a local charity, so I bring knowledge and experience of charity governance, as well as an understanding of the local challenges and opportunities. The Speak Up team are so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, and are very well respected both in the voluntary sector and the public sector. I am proud to support them to deliver their essential work, locally regionally and nationally!
Mike Horne

I have more than 20 years’ experience in a career covering the technical aspects of electronics engineering. I bring transferrable skills to the charity particularly in the area of quality systems, business planning, growth development and DIY. Whilst having little experience of the voluntary sector I am willing to learn and am very supportive of all Speak Up’s initiatives. My main focus will be supporting Mandy to help the organisation build a positive and sustainable future.
Katie Donnelly

Katie is a new trustee, joining at the end of November 2020. Katie brings a knowledge and expertise around public health; striving to improve population health, challenging health inequalities and a particular passion around mental health. Katie also brings experience of working within a local authority. Katie loves sports and being outdoors, particularly with her family. .