The following values underpin our practice and help us work towards achieving our vision.


We are committed to providing quality advocacy services. Staff, volunteers, trustees and self-advocates share the same aspirations, working together to ensure that what we do is the best it can be. Continuous quality improvement is key to fulfilling our commitment to meet the needs of the people we support. We act with integrity and professionalism, doing what we say we will do.


Our loyalty is always to the person we support, taking their side and representing their views. Our actions are led and influenced by the people we support and our commitment is to helping their voice to be heard.

People first

Advocacy is inclusive of all members of the community whatever their circumstances, background or experiences. We work with people disadvantaged by age, mental illness, disability, ill health, family and social circumstances. We are passionate about helping people feel valued, respected and included. Our aim, wherever possible, is to promote self advocacy, encouraging people to speak up for themselves.

Strong partnerships

Developing meaningful partnerships with the people we support and key local and regional organisations enables the best possible outcomes to be achieved. We value the contribution of our partners and seek to be respectful, reliable and helpful as we work together. Our reputation as an organisation committed to positive partnership working enables us to both challenge and work collaboratively.

Creative approaches

We aim to be person centred, using creative and personalised approaches to support communication and promote meaningful involvement and participation. We work hard to provide services that are accessible to all members of the community.

Safe from harm

The right to both feel and keep safe is paramount in our work practice. We take safeguarding seriously having in place robust internal policies and practices as well as providing advocacy services to support individuals through safeguarding processes. We work collaboratively with safeguarding professionals and other service providers in order to help keep people safe from harm.