Self Help

Warrington Speak Up is committed to supporting people to advocate for themselves. Promoting self-advocacy is a fundamental principle of effective advocacy support. Advocates will support you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to confidently express your views and wishes, stand up for your rights and be your own advocate.

Some people like to join self-advocacy groups so that they can learn and practice their self-advocacy skills together with other self-advocates. You can find more information on our Self Advocacy page. We have also produced some self-help resources. You can use these yourself or with the help of a family member, friend or advocate.

Click on the boxes below to view a list of downloadable self-help resources.

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General Self Help Resources

A range of self-help resources to help you develop your skills and confidence and advocate for yourself.

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Mental Health Self Help Resources

Information for people receiving care and treatment under the mental health act.

Lady holding a sign that says easy read

Easy Read Self Help Resources

Some easy read resources to help you speak up for yourself.

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Parent Rescources

Resources to help parents involved in child protection and family court proceedings.

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Care & Support Self Help Resources

A range of self-help resources to help you with your Care & Support.