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At Warrington Speak Up we believe in, and actively promote a society that is inclusive, celebrating who people are and valuing the contributions they make.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their situation, needs or disability, has a right to be heard and respected, to have choice, control and freedom over their lives and to be safe from discrimination, harm or abuse.

We treat all people as an individual, working hard to protect your rights and what matters most to you, taking time to understand and see things from your perspective and offer support that is right for you.

If an important decision is being made about your life, we will stand by you, give a voice, and make sure your views and wishes are heard.

Our aim is to help you make sense of your options, think about the consequences, make an informed decision, and have the confidence to express your views.

At Warrington Speak Up we believe that advocacy matters and makes a difference in people’s lives.

Our Passion

We believe in a voice for all, rights for all, equality for all and justice for all.

We are passionate about protecting rights and amplifying voices.

Advocacy Quality Performance Mark

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Advocacy Principles

The following new advocacy principles reflect how advocacy organisations across England and Wales are working together to address the impact of Covid 19 on the most disadvantaged in our communities.

  • We will make sure that people are heard, and their rights are respected.
  • We will communicate effectively and safely meet with people in person.
  • We will make sure that people can access advocacy.
  • We will take positive anti-discrimination action.
  • We will work together to promote systemic change.

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How to Refer

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Self Help

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Get Involved

Find out how you can get involved in self-advocacy and mental health engagement.

Latest News

Time to Talk Day

19th January 2022

Join us for a leisurely walk around Bank Park, bring a coffee and hear all about our exciting plans for the year. To book a place visit

Community Mental Health Advocacy

14th January 2022

We are very pleased to announce that on Monday 17th January 2022 we will be launching our Community Mental Health Advocacy. For more information and the eligibility criteria please visit our CMHA page.