Advocacy has never been more important

During this 2nd lockdown Warrington Speak Up continues to provide advocacy support to those who need it most.

Advocacy delivery during Covid-19

It is the people who already found it harder to have their voices heard, who have been disadvantaged the most from the coronavirus restrictions we have all faced.

Advocacy may look different, but our passion to provide support to those who most need it remains the same.

All our team are working creatively to ensure we continue to provide quality advocacy services.

Our aim is to help people stay connected, have their voice heard, rights upheld and to remain safe.

We are still accepting advocacy referrals, delivering project work and, where it is safe to do so, meeting people face to face.

About Us

Warrington Speak Up is an independent advocacy organisation committed to developing and providing quality independent advocacy for the benefit of people living in Warrington.

Our core values undergird all our activity and advocacy work is guided by the key principles outlined in the Advocacy Charter.

Our aim is to strengthen the voice of people who feel marginalised, excluded or discriminated against.

We believe advocacy:

  • Promotes equality, social justice and social inclusion
  • Empowers people by having their voice heard
  • Enables individuals to speak up and express their views and wishes
  • Ensures people’s views are heard, respected and acted on
  • Helps people to become more aware of and exercise their rights

Advocacy is available to Warrington residents over the age of 18 or disabled young people over the age of 16. Guidelines are available outlining the specific eligibility criteria for each advocacy type.

Click here for Warrington Speak Up Advocacy Hub.

Advocacy is independent, confidential, person led, issue based and free.

Click here for Advocacy Charter.