About Advocacy 

Advocacy is speaking up about what is important to you

It is about having the confidence to express your views and wishes when decisions are being made about your life.

An advocate can help you to communicate what you want to say or speak for you.

My advocate has helped me find different ways of approaching speaking up for myself to prevent negative reactions.

Advocacy is about listening to you and getting your voice heard

It is about finding the best way of telling others what you think, feel, and want.

An advocate will take time to listen, without judging or offering their opinion.

It was life changing having an advocate involved; they took the time to understand me. It took time to develop trust and that time was there.

Advocacy is about taking action and making a change

It is about helping you to get information, explore options and make informed choices.

An advocate will explain things in a way that makes sense to you.

Thank you for providing me with the tools that not only help me now but will help me in the future.

Advocacy makes sure you are treated fairly

It is about ensuring that your rights are respected and upheld.

An advocate will help you to know about and understand your rights.

Having someone on my side helps me to get my voice heard so that I feel included in decisions about me.

Advocacy is independent

This means that we do not work for the council, NHS, or any care provider.

An advocate works for you and is on your side.

Just knowing someone is on your side makes all the difference.

Advocacy is confidential

This means we will not share information about you without your permission.

An advocate will keep things private, unless you, or someone else, is at risk of harm or when the law requires us to.

If an advocate does have to tell someone else, we will explain why.

You explained things clearly and subtly, no one has ever explained things to me like that.

Advocacy is person led

This means advocacy is directed by you.

An advocate works in a way that helps you feel valued, respected and in control. They will keep you informed of what is happening, and make sure you are involved in decisions being made about your life.

My advocate has ensured I have felt involved with each step from the start.

Advocacy is issue based

You and your advocate will agree a plan so that everyone is clear what the issue is that you need help with, what the advocate will do and when advocacy will end.

An advocate will always check that you are happy with the plan before doing anything for you.

There are some things that an advocate is not able to support you with. If possible, they will try to find another service who can help.

Without the assistance and guidance from my advocate I know without a doubt this whole process would have been much more detrimental.

Advocacy is free

You do not need to pay for an advocate.

My advocate helped me regain my confidence following a very difficult time in my life.

An advocate will not:

  • give advice
  • offer counselling or befriending
  • support with care and day to day activities
  • make decisions for you
  • tell you what to do

Advocacy Leaflets

Please download our advocacy leaflets below, or click on the audio link to listen to our What is advocacy leaflet.