Malcolm's Story

My right to go home


Malcolm is a fiercely independent 80 year-old man and a devout catholic. Malcolm has worked for his local church for most of his working life and is an important and valued
church member.

Malcolm was supported by his Care Act advocate on admission to hospital following a deterioration in both his physical and mental health.

Professionals were extremely concerned about the risks posed to Malcolm returning home, however Malcolm disagreed with this and was clear and consistent in his wish to return. The advocate ensured Malcolm’s views and wishes were heard and that his right to return home with appropriate support upheld.

Malcolm successfully remained at home for a further eighteen months until sadly his health deteriorated once again, resulting in a further hospital admission.

How we helped

It has always been Malcolm’s wish to remain at home. However, changes in his physical health and his reluctance to accept support at home meant a best interest decision was made for him to move into residential care.

Malcolm’s advocate was aware of the importance of Malcolm’s faith so worked with his local diocese to identify a residential home that would meet his spiritual needs. As the care home was not in Malcolm’s local area and given that he wanted to retain links with his local church, Malcolm made it very clear that his preference was for a local care home where he could retain close community links with his church and friends.

The advocate ensured that Malcolm’s spiritual needs would continue to be met following the move and weekly visits to his church with support were part of his care plan.

Advocacy outcome

The advocate continued to support Malcolm following the move and to ensure consistency of advocacy support also acted as the Paid Relevant Person’s Representative.

Although Malcolm has settled well, and his health has improved significantly, he continues to strongly express his wish to return home. The advocate continues to ensure his rights are upheld and has supported Malcolm to raise a Section 21a challenge and instruct a solicitor. The advocate continues to support in meetings with Malcolm and his solicitor.